Services we offer

I am always open to build an offer according to your needs and wishes. Photography is an art form and together we develop a concept that captures your memories.

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I'm perfect - 3-5 pictures

This is included

  • 3-4 digital high-resolution images
  • 1 session at the place we have chosen to be at
  • For 30-45 minutes, we take plenty of time to find the right picture and have time to take a type of picture of a horse, dog, cat with electricity without people. Portraits or action shots.
1 295 SEK
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Nailed it - 8-10 photos

This is included

  • 8-10 digital high-resolution images.
  • During this time, about 1.5 hours, we have time to photograph more different types of images. It may be that you want both, for example, portraits and action pictures of the family member (s) you want to photograph. An alternative when photographing animals is that you want to photograph several animals.
2 095 SEK
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Give me everything - 25-40 pictures

This is included

  • All selected images (approx. 30-50) delivered on USB.
  • It is not uncommon to want to save all the photos from a photo session, it is an exclusive opportunity and this package is for you!
  • It is a luxurious package where you have time to be photographed on different types of cards and you also have time to vary who is in the pictures.
  • If you photograph, for example, your four-legged friends, we have time for both the dog / horse to be on the cards themselves, but also with their dear family members.
3 595 SEK